Brent's Garage Door and Irrigation
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Rogers, MN

We install Hunter, the best irrigation system. Using Hunter Pro-C controllers, PGV valves, PGP or I-20 rotors, and Pro sprays, for years of trouble free service.

Several things make our systems superior to many others. One is that we use 100 PSI. pipe, not 80 PSI, as in other systems. 100 PSI is much stronger and does not kink or break as easy. Another is we use funny (swing) pipe, between zone lines and every head, not risers, for much more flexibility, eliminating costly repairs.

We call Gopher One for utility locates and have plumbing contractors to run the water line out of the house for the system. So just make one call to us and the job is done. We take pride in our work and want to give you the highest quality product and service available. We will work on and repair any brand of existing system. Call 612-802-1270 for all your irrigation needs.